Vintage Quirk: Yes You Can Look Good In Paisley

I think it was Reese Witherspoon in “Legally Blonde 2: Blonde Ambition” who said “No one looks good in paisley.” Well, I believe her recent run-in with the law shows that she’s not always right.
When I came across this dress on Polyvore, my first thought was “Dear Lord, that’s a lot of look,” but then I decided I would make it my personal mission to style it successfully, WITHOUT using a bunch of browns or blacks or nudes. (i.e. neutral colors.) I know neutrals are the go-to’s for accessorizing a look that is a bright, busy, or in any way difficult to compliment. So, here’s how I did it.
For starters, the print on this dress is really retro and vintage to me, so I styled it for a vintage, retro girl with a little bit of quirkiness. (I was picturing everyone’s favorite “New Girl,”  Zooey Deschanel.) So, since the pattern is retro, I wanted to pair with with some accessories that also are very retro. Thus, the earrings, glasses and purse.
It still needed something to me, and as I said before, I didn’t want to use neutrals, so I pulled the same green shoes I’ve used before. They’re the prefect shade for pattern and add a little modern twist. Those, combined with the knuckle ring and colorful bangles bring this outfit from retro chic to modern day fab!
Truth be told, I wear the ever-loving CRAP out of this look. It is RIGHT up my alley. I want everything on this page and I want it now.
Vintage Quirk

Paisley dress
$305 –

Lace up booties
$43 –

Dominic Jones knuckle ring
$64 –

M Flynn m flynn jewelry

Pieces bracelet jewelry
$16 –

The row sunglasses
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