Oh, Palazz-NO you didn’t!

Ahhh, the palazzo pant. This is one of my favorite looks (and Goose’s too. Actually, she’s probably wearing a pair right now. And I WISH I was.) I digress. Anyway… palazzo pants. They’re fabulous and here’s how I plan to get a (wide)leg up on the competition in these stunners:
palazzo pants
I’ve never been out of the country, but I have watched movies and TV and have a very specific idea in my head of what I should look like on my honeymoon in Jamaica. (For a good frame of reference for what I’m aiming for, watch this movie!) And God willing and the creek don’t rise (I love that phrase) I’ll be able to come remotely close. Obviously, I have swimsuits and dresses and cover-ups and sandals and hats and on and on all worked out, but what I’m missing is palazzo pants. Now, I’m not talking run-of-the-mill wide leg linen pants, which are also fabulous. I’m talking extremely WIDE leg, high-waisted, French Riviera-chic, palazzo glory!
I love a printed pant. They’re so bold, and these palazzos are no exception. With the fluidity of the pants and the sheer amount of material, they really look like maxi shirts, right? I love the navy ikat pants paired with a simple white tank. This is a lot of look, so you don’t want to over style yourself. (There’s a big difference between an “outfit” and a “get up.”)
The black/white combo in the middle with the floppy hat is absolute perfection! Beach waves in the hair, necklaces varying in volume, and a chunky ring give the bohemian vibe you’re looking for with palazzo pants. You want to be effortless. These pants are the epitome of breezy, so don’t over think it.
Loose and Long:
I know that wide leg pants are very similar, but palazzo pants are meant to be LOOSE fitting. If you’re trying on a pair of pants and they’re hugging your tush like sailor pants circa 1950, those are not palazzo pants. Palazzo pants should have nothing tight about them. They need to hang off of your waist, so don’t be afraid of trying on a size bigger than you would normally buy. Additionally, they should be LONG. There’s nothing worse than high-waters, Huck Finn, so be cognizant of the length. See how most of the women pictured here have just the tips of their toes exposed? That’s what you want.
I think I’m ready to upgrade palazzo pants from just a summer time, patio-sitting, vacation staple to something I wear to work. From what I’ve found today, I think my closet is just begging for a new pair that could work on and off the clock. I’m officially on the look out. (And I’m embarrassed I haven’t thought of that sooner.)

MSGM palazzo pants

Amen. stretch pants

Boden stretch pants

Ikat pants
$68 – debenhams.com

Palazzo pants
$14 – fashionunion.com

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