Must Be Something in the Water

There is something in the water… It’s COLOR. Let’s embrace it.
Every year there is at least one trend that must work its way into my good graces, and this year it’s watercolor. I’m a bold and brights girl. So, in general, the softness that watercolor embodies is not exactly my thing. I like a big statement, but am realizing that you can make that statement subtly, without crisp, clean lines. I came to this conclusion with last week’s ikat post.  If I can welcome the blurred lines of ikat into my life, why not the romantic feel of watercolor, right?
Here are some of my favorites, courtesy of Polyvore yet again. These pieces incorporate some really bright colors, as well as the usual watercolor pastels. As with any style, a little goes a long way. I would rock the hell outta those Vans with a really simple khaki boyfriend chino and white tank. And the Calypso hi-lo dress would be perfect for a hot summer walk downtown… or even as a cover-up for my upcoming honeymoon.
(Note to Bear: I need this dress… and those shoes.)
Must Be Something in the Water

Mango floral dress
$69 –


Splendid maxi skirt

Mini skirt


Floral Watercolor Duvet Cover

Ppd Watercolor Cereal Bowl

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