Festival Fashions

It’s that time again! Spring has sprung, which means it’s time for some outdoor music festivals. I’ll get right to the point: These are my pics for the styles to sport at this year’s various music festivals. I really love an outdoor concert, but sadly, with planning a wedding will not be able to attend any of the fests listed here. (Sad face for poor me.) However, that doesn’t mean I can’t weigh in on what other people might want to wear.
You’ll want to be comfortable, but as always, be making some fashion statements. And as far as music goes: The bigger the better. (That’s why rock stars are so outlandish, right?) So, be BOLD.
Festival Fashion
Here’s what we’ve got:
1. Bonaroo. It originated as Woodstock-y in nature. It’s obviously grown into something bigger, but I like to stick to its roots with this one. And why not? Everyone wanted to go to Woodstock. (Everyone I know, anyway.) So I went with FRINGE! Very 70’s, but keeping it modern with some short shorts with lace and boots. (You’re not going to want to walk around in flip-flops for three days straight, especially in the mud. Gross.)
2. Coachella. Get out your ironic shirts, grow a killer stache (if you’re a dude), grab that fedora (or bowler, as featured here) and hit the road. For this outfit, I went a very subdued route. (I wish I had this outfit, truth be told.)
3. Lollapoolza. Here, I would say, are all the people who just dig good music. Keep is simple. Just be comfortable and enjoy the show. Boom.
4. Tomorrow World. It has recently been brought to my attention that the biggest electronic/dubstep festival ever is bringing a counterpart to my home town of Atlanta, and they’re calling it Tomorrow World. Ok, great. So here’s what: I imagine a lot of sweaty dancing. This middrift top would definitely allow for some breathing room. I picked the skirt because of the “trippy” print, and the shoes because they are awesome. Everyone likes Converse, am I right?
5. Warped Tour. Again, I stuck with the roots here. Originating as a haven for punk, rock, and ska, it too has become something a little different. However, I wanted to embrace the “rock” part. Everyone needs to let out their inner rocker and kick some ass now and then, and in this outfit, I would really feel I could. Mosh pit, here you come!
So, there you have it. My picks for music festivals this year. Now get out there and dance!

Crop shirt
$20 – newlook.com

River Island red shorts
$15 – riverisland.com

Cross shoes

Converse shoes
$53 – bankfashion.co.uk

Leather handbag

Wood necklace
$24 – oliverbonas.com

Ray Ban ray ban

Ray Ban ray ban

Circle sunglasses
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3 thoughts on “Festival Fashions

  1. Porsha says:

    I may not be going to any rock concerts this year but I will be at Chastain Park during the summer so these suggestions will definitely come in handy. I’m in love with the Almost Famous Cut-Off shorts and the alexander McQueen Gladiator sandals (Must Have now!!!).

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