Easiest Teriyaki Chicken… Ever.

So yesterday at noon, like clockwork, I got a text message from Bear inquiring about dinner. Not having anything in particular planned, we brainstormed and decided we wanted teriyaki. I happen to know the EASIEST recipe for teriyaki glaze, so that’s what we did! Easy.


Here’s the Stuff (Well, MOST of it):

– brown sugar                      – teriyaki sauce

– soy sauce                            – lemon juice

– chopped garlic                  – ginger

– Uncle Ben’s 90 second Ready Rice (Jasmine)

– 2 chicken breasts

– Steam Fresh veggie pack in Asian Medley




The Process:

– First I cut the chicken breast into large strips. Then I let the strips marinate for a little bit in a mix of teriyaki sauce, lemon juice, and ginger. While it marinated, I chopped up some garlic for when we sautee our chicken strips. Then I got my teriyaki glaze ready.

– The teriyaki glaze is basically about 3/4 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup soy sauce, and 2 tbsp ginger. (Those aren’t exact measurements, but if you watch the pot while you’re heating the glaze you’ll know what to add more of.) It should be thick and sticky. I also added a little bit of honey as well. It can help with texture and gives the sweetness in teriyaki a little more depth than just using brown sugar, in my opinion. Anyway, heat it in a sauce pan until it’s nice and thick, then turn heat to low so you can turn your eye to the chicken.

Cooking Chicken– The strips go into the pan with the garlic to sautee. You have to really watch while flipping, guys. (My chicken last night was cooked SOOO perfectly, if I do say so myself.) I want to say it was about 5-7 minutes to finish cooking the chicken. While the chicken was going, I popped one of those steam fresh frozen veggie packages into the microwave. (They cook for about 5 minutes.) By the time it’s done, your chicken should be too!

– I took all the finished chicken strips and rolled them around in the sauce pan of the glaze until they were coated and sticky. Once they were completey covered, I pulled them out and plated with our Asian medley veggies and our jasmine rice.

The Results: Big Bear and I were full. I skipped the rice, because I’m watching my diet for the wedding that is FIVE MONTHS AWAY, but Bear had seconds! It was a super easy meal and actually pretty well balanced for something we threw together last minute. (I did have seconds of the veggies though.) Anyway, try it! Let me know what you think.


Teriyaki Chicken, Jasmine Rice, and Veggies

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