Nautical, Hold the Prep

Ok. Nautical isn’t just for spring and summer anymore and I’m glad for that, don’t get me wrong. However, I’m not a huge fan of the uber prep, so let’s break down how to embrace the nautical trend, without looking too preppy. (So your dignity is still in tact in the morning.)
It’s important to remember moderation here. Do stripes, do boat shoes, do anchors, do rope belts, do whale prints: but NEVER do them at the same time. You don’t need to “do the most.” A little goes a long way. Less is more… and any other cliche you would like to insert here.

Nautical, Hold the Prep

– Outfit Numero Uno: If you’re wearing a bold nautical statement, like the ship’s wheel on this tee. Dial it down with another contrasting, yet complimentary style. I went with military here because I love olive drab with warm brights. The gold gladiators are great for this because they bring out the gold in the t-shirt as well as the taupe in the McQueen skirt. (Not to mention they harmonize the toughness of the military style skirt with the warmth of the nautical shirt.) If I was wearing this out, knowing it would get cold at night, I’d bring along a brown leather motorcycle jacket.
– Outfit Two: If you’re doing the high-waist shorts  thing, two things: 1. Kudos to you! You’ve obviously got great gams and you’re willing to put them out there! And 2. Keep it simple. I love giant wedges and they do some wonderful things for the ol’ legs. They add a lot more glamour than flats. (ie. Good for a casual date night. Go with flats for just a simple weekend look.) You I picked the yellow, flowy blouse because the embroidered flowers bring a laid back, hippie vibe to the shorts and the point is to look kind of eclectic, right? (No one likes a matchy-matchy monster.)
– And Number Three: If you are doing one big nautical piece like a dress, keep it subdued. This navy and white tunic dress is great because it’s got the nautical colors without being too literal. I paired it with peach shades and wedges.
Remember, with nautical inspired fashions, or any statement styles, less is always more. Havesome signature pieces, but pair them with something surprising and fresh. Think outside the box and it’ll be smooth sailing! Anchors away, my friends!

Navy blue dress

Cotton blouse

Juicy Couture nautical t shirt
$76 –

Leather sandals
$45 –

Cotton handbag
$38 –

Raina belt

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