Easter Weekend: Check!

Our first official Easter weekend as an engaged couple is now over. We successfully had two family meals and all went well! the featured photo was my family’s brunch. This is the yummy frittata/casserole thing that my grandmother made. (If y’all want the recipe, tell me and I’ll post it!)


We had turkey, ham, cheese grits, fruit, the frittata, biscuits (I had mine with sorghum syrup, true Southern style!), asparagus, monkey bread, sweet tea, and my potato nests, pictured here:

potato nests

I didn’t have a lot of time to make anything becase I was also making a dessert for tennis and deviled eggs for Bear to have at the house, so I needed something fast and easy:

The Goods:

– Regular 20 oz bag of frozen hasbrowns

– About 2/3-1 cup shredded parmesan cheese

– salt and pepper

The Process:

– Preheat oven to 350. While its heating, mix all your ingredients together in a big bowl. Then drizzle with EVOO.

– Spray a regular muffin pan with cooking spray. (Should hold 12.) Spoon your potato mix into the pan and pack lightly. Then it cooks for 70 minutes.

– When its done, you just take a knife around the edges so the nests come out in one piece. Once you flip them over they look like the picture. Crunchy, yummy goodness. Big hit.

For our second feast…

photo 1

After brunch and a lazy afternoon with my folks, we headed to see Mama and Papa Bear. Here’s what: The meals were actually pretty similar! They also had ham, grits, deviled eggs, fruit, rolls, and the works. Yum, yum, yum! For dessert, Mama Bear served wonderful cupcakes with a mint liquor icing and I brought the desserts that were left from tennis, animal cookie cream cheese truffles.

animal cookie balls

Animal Cookie Truffles… WARNING: They are sooo sweet.

The Goods:

– 2 cups ground animal cookies (the kind with icing and sprinkles)

– 8 oz package cream cheese

– white chocolate

– food coloring

– sprinkles

The Process:

– Grind up animal cookies in a food processor until you have 2 cups.

– Mix together cookie crumbs with 8 oz package of cream cheese. (I did two sets, one with strawberry cream cheese and one regular.) Roll into cake-pop sized balls. (If you have the actual cake pop straws, I’d use them because that just makes the next step easier.)

– Melt white chocolate in double boiler or microwave with added food coloring. I went with pastels for Easter. Drizzle around balls to cover as best as possible. (It’s definitely tricky, which is why I recommend the cake pop holders.) Immediately after they’re covered in chocolate, apply sprinkles and pop into fridge so the sprinkles stick. Done! No-cook truffles!

(Here’s a recommendation though, I bet these would be as tasty and not as sweet, if just animal crackers were used, instead of the iced cookies. Just a thought. If you try it, please let me know how it turns out!)

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