Make it Roar: Animal Print is a Neutral.

 I know this is a scary looking group of garments, but hear me out…
I’m so OVER seeing leopard print paired with black and red. Over it with a capital O! People, think of leopard as a neutral. I know that’s a very “Jersey” mindset, but done correctly, you look fun, adventurous, AND chic! It’s an animal print, guys. It’s not supposed to be stuffy.
Make it Roar
So, my tips: Pair it with jewel tones, pastels, and if you’re really brave, NEON. Emerald green, the color the year by the way, looks GREAT with it as does a canary yellow. All you have to do is check the warmth/coolness of the pattern and you’ll be able to pair it perfectly.
The yellow jacket looks FAB with this leopard skirt and since it’s spring and we’re being bright on top with the jacket, let’s be bright at the bottom too. Enter aqua heels. Perfect.
The dress, since it’s a larger scale print, I wouldn’t want to pair with a pastel. I would go bright. This emerald blazer is ideal for this and just for kicks, we’re picking up the emerald on our feet too with these Tory Burch flats. To add a little extra pizzazz to this ensemble, I like the coral clutch.
The two tops on the bottom right are paired with pastel jeans so you can rock your leopard print, but still be “springy.” I love the coral wedges for both these looks.
Neons: This is for the bold, and please note: don’t go full Jersey and over do it. A little goes a long way. A leopard dress can be accented well with a THIN neon belt like one of the two featured here. If you’re not into taking that risk, then pair an accent piece like this neon, leopard clutch, with a chic black dress for a polished, but still fun look.
Don’t go full Jersey, but let’s at least be adventurous. Animal print is a statement in itself. If you’re brazen enough to wear it, at least do it with some umpfh!

Karen millen dress
$240 –

Oh My Love leopard top
$33 –

H M sleeveless top
$20 –

River Island yellow blazer
$76 –

H M h m jacket
$45 –

Balmain jeans

Diesel cropped jeans
$180 –

Friis company
$59 –

French Connection leather belt

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