Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Everything's Coming Up Roses

The warmer weather could not come fast enough for me or my black leggings, who are begging to be retired. The choices outlined here, all matching in color completely by chance, I swear, are some of my spring MUST HAVES. If your weekend wardrobe is nothing but leggings and sweats, then you are in need of a punch up. To make a splash this spring, these are the go-to pieces you need.

One: A fedora. I cannot stress this enough. The humidity does truly ghastly things to my hair, so when that summer heat comes blazing down on me, I typically, toss my hair in a braid and slap on a fedora. They’re cute. They’re stylish. They add a polish to your look. They even block some of the sun. You can’t go wrong. I seriously have about ten. (Don’t judge! A girl needs her choices.)

Two: A go-to maxi. I have just as many maxis as fedoras because they can range from dressy to pool cover-up and as I said, a girl needs options. I can’t say enough about maxis. I LOVE them. (You don’t even have to shave your legs!)

Three: Rose gold. Oh my gosh, it looks soooo good with the colors of spring and summer. (mint, peach, coral, yellow, robins egg blue, etc…) It is really complimentary against bronzed skin as well.

Four: A good pair of aviators. I broke my Cole Haan’s recently and still haven’t found a suitable replacement, so if you find some, be sure to let me know! Aviators, to me, just have an ease about them. Everyone who wears them looks relaxed, laid back, comfortable, and completely breezy.

Five: Boyfriend jeans. Sometimes those spring breezes at night can warrant a pair of pants and boyfriends are perfect because they, like aviators, look completely effortless. you can glam up their look with a more girly piece on top, like the tunic I featured here, and some  killer heels.

Six: White jeans. They’re great for the same reason as the boyfriend jeans, but with a more crisp, polished feel. To me, white jeans are really preppy, though I know they don’t have to be, but I love the prep-school feel.

Seven: gladiators, gladiators, gladiators. For the love, you must get a pair. My go-to is Sam Edelman. The flats featured here, I have in two colors: pewter and canary yellow. I wear them all. the. time. They are the world’s most perfect gladiator sandals and I wouldn’t recommend any other brand.

Eight (and Nine): Dresses for day and night. Get a flirty shift dress in the season’s hottest colors and then grab a sexy one for those girls’ nights out.

Ten: Wide-leg, linen pants. These make such a statement. Every time I wear mine I instantly think “beach.” They are relaxed, comfortable, effortless, and chic. Everyone needs a pair of well-fitting, wide-leg, linen pants. They SHOULD be loose, but don’t go so crazy that they are too big. You have to really hunt for these sometimes because, like Goldilocks said, they need to be just right.

Eleven: Don’t be afraid to still wear scarves. “But, it’s HOT!” Quit whining. It’s not that hot in the spring and your outfit will look more complete with a scarf. Spring scarves are  made in light fabrics anyway. Just try it while it’s not too hot, and I promise you’ll look smashing.

Twelve: Oxfords. You can put oxfords on in the place of literally any other shoe. You want to wear your super cute espedrilles with that shift dress, but your pedicure is seriously lacking?  Oxfords. Oxfords are the answer.

So, there you have it. These are the 12 stock items that will fill my closet and my weekends this spring! I also would recommend looking into chambray (great with colored jeans or tucked into a flowy skirt), cork wedges (because they’re easier to walk in than stilletos and they’re sure to put a “spring” in your step), and chunky necklaces (check etsy first because they are everywhere and totally afforable). Happy spring time, y’all!


Oasis pleated cocktail dress
$105 – oasis-stores.com

Emamó embroidered shirt

J Crew j crew

Colorblock top
$60 – little-mistress.co.uk

VILA transparent top
$43 – vila.com

Levi’s straight jeans
$120 – zalando.co.uk

Linen pants
$18 – clothingattesco.com

Sam Edelman ankle strap sandal
$180 – psyche.co.uk

Oscar de la renta necklace
$695 – net-a-porter.com

Finest Seven aviator sunglasses
$1,050 – net-a-porter.com

Sheer shawl

Forever 21 hat
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