A Rooster for Goose

I know it’s not here yet, but it soon will be and those of us lucky enough to have our mothers around should put some thought and effort behind our Mother’s Day presents. This is what I did last year:

Growing up I rarely would heed my parents’ advice. They would say “don’t throw rocks” and I would continue on my merry way and then accidentally cold clock a neighbor. (Sorry, Jess.) I grew older and Mom would tell me, “that boy is not the type you should be hanging around with” and I would end up heartbroken. Later they told me not to speed and, well, one or two six speeding tickets later, I understood they were right.

Now that I finally realize they are usually always right, I decided to listen. Every holiday, birthday, etc… they insist I do not spend any money on them. Usually, per my earlier anecdote, I disregard their request and buy them something special. Last year, however, I decided I would do as good old Mother Goose asked and not spend any money.

I fancy myself a bit of an artist from time to time, so I decided I would paint my mom something. I gathered up my tools and got to work.


Goose (and Dad, truthfully) have a thing for roosters. They have a few rooster Christmas ornaments and some artwork on the walls that are roosters or involve some kind of barnyard kitch. Knowing this, I decided to paint a rooster for Mother’s Day. It honestly didn’t take long at all and I had a blast doing it. What did take some time, however, was the long note inscribed on the back of the canvas.

When I give gifts to my parents especially, I want them to be sentimental. I mean it. I wanna see tears. So I wrote Goose a long letter describing, in true child style, why she is still my hero. It was such an elementary school throwback! “Why my mom is my hero” combined with a homemade gift, come on! Goose was sure to tear up. And tear up, she did. It was so touching that she AND my dad both got a little misty.

The point is, this Mother’s Day, do something off the beaten path. Take your mom on a picnic. Make her something. Let her know how grateful you are to her for taking care of you, putting up with you, and essentially making you the person you are today. If you think you’re great, then you owe your folks some gratitude… Especially if your teen years were filled with a ridiculous amount of unwarranted angst like mine were.


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