CLASH of the Titans

Okay, y’all. Here’s how we mix prints without looking like complete morons. (I promise, its not as hard as it seems.) I’ll give it to you straight, in THREE tips.
CLASH of the Titans

1. Use colors that harmonize. If you have a floral dress like the DG one I featured here, layer a striped jacket that incorporates one of the colors in the dress. Easy choice, used here, was black. Done and done. (I know, the emerald Sass & Bide shorts don’t have any peachy coral in them but I thought it looked complimentary.)
2. Use patterns that are not the same in scale. The McQueen gold skirt, for example, is a very busy print, which is why the simplicity of the Dorothy Perkins striped sweater works with it. Same thing with the House of Holland midi pencil skirt. It’s pattern is a very large print, so pairing it with the contrasting small polka dot print on this J Crew blouse is totally working!
3. Don’t over do it.
Mixing patterns shouldn’t be left to experts alone. We can all easily pull this off with some cautious eyes and a little bravery. It took some trail and error, but now I rock this look often and almost ALWAYS get a compliment on being fashion-forward, brave, and stylish. So, go mix it up!

Dolce Gabbana body con dress

Lace shirt
$21 –

Apiece apart

Linea Weekend cotton jacket
$130 –

Alexander mcqueen

Sass bide
$540 –

House of holland
$335 –

Printed skirt

Alexander mcqueen handbag

Warby parker eyeglass

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