Buffa-BLOW Your Mind!

Ok, so let me warn you, this isn’t the healthiest recipe. But… We splurge every now and then more often than we should. No compromise needed for this one. Bear and I both love, love, love buffalo wings, so when I saw a recipe for buffalo chicken pasta casserole on Pinterest, I had to try it out. The recipe looked easy enough but I didn’t follow it to a T, so here’s MY version of this delicious dish.

Finished Product

The Stuff:

– 2/3 cup lite ranch dressing

– 2/3 buffalo wing sauce (I used mild and it’s still pretty spicy, just like we like it!)

– bleu cheese crumbles (Use as much as you are comfortable with. In my opinion, bleu cheese can take a hard left and go bad with the quickness if it’s over used, so I was conservative with it.)

– a rotissiere chicken (I went the typical Hunny way and just picked up a pre-cooked one on way home from work.)

– 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

– 1 box penne noodles


The Process:

Guys, this is SOOO easy!

– First, get that oven preheated to 350. While it’s warming, start boiling that pasta per the package instructions. (I told you, this is easy.)

– Mix together the ranch and the buffalo sauce in a bowl. (I used one of those larger measuring cups and just kept them in there until the pasta and chicken were ready.) As the pasta continued to boil I shredded up the chicken meat. I actually prefer shreds of chicken rather than cubed chunks, so you have to do this part by hand. It feels pretty yucky, but it doesn’t take long.

– When the pasta is done, add everything you’ve got (except the bleu cheese) into a big mixing bowl and stir until everything is covered in that delicious, tangy sauce. Add the glorious mixture to a casserole dish and sprinkle a little extra cheddar and the bleu cheese crumbles to the top.

– Pop in the over for 20-25 minutes, and VOILA: You’ve got yourself a meal in seriously no more than 35 minutes!


The Results:

Ummm, the results were two completely stuffed-to-the-brim people who really enjoyed their Thursday night splurge. I’m definitely adding this one into my recipe arsenal. It was so delicious and filling!



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