Everybody Scream, in our Town of Halloween

Before you even say anything, I know it’s March. St Paddy’s came and went and that made me realize that I hadn’t shared our pictures from any holidays last year yet. So… Here’s Halloween.


Having lived in an apartment in Little Five Points the last two years, the extent of my Halloween “decorating” consisted of popping in vampire fangs, throwing on my Spirit Hood, and walking to the parade with friends. (L5P is a really hipster area and they do Halloween BIG! It’s so much fun!)

This year, Bear really wanted us to decorate because we’re finally in a neighborhood with kiddies to actually enjoy the work we put into it…

Note: You see no orange. I went another route. I used black, purple, and silver. (Dare to be different, right?) YOLO

Of course we carved pumpkins (They weren’t good enough to make the final picture.) and on top of what you see here, I added monster eyes to our bushes. (Difficult to photograph in the dark.) Here’s what I did:

  • Cut eyes in toilet paper dowels.
  • Taped glowsticks (from the dollar store) inside the dowels.
  • Place dowels in bushes, so it appears as if there are creatures peering out to scare the trick-or-treaters. ( Pretty awesome.)

The mini-pumpkins, the mask and web, the lanterns, the glowsticks, and the spiders were all from the dollar store. We painted the mini-pumpkins and the mask with spraypaint so it was all cohesive.

Anyway, that was our first Halloween!



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