Philly Cheese-steak Peppers

The Issue:

Welp, here it is, folks. I don’t love red meat. If I can, I avoid it all together. In fact, I avoid most meats, save seafood and free-range, pasture-raised, organic, treat-it-like-a-pet-until-you-kill-it chicken. Bear loves meat and pretty much hates seafood. That means that all the meals I made for myself in my very cool, hipster, urban apartment (just in case you thought I’d always been a suburban, tennis-playing, volunteering home cook) are now no longer on the menu. Similarly, the items Bear used to “cook” for himself (read: pick up at McDonald’s) are no longer going to fly in my house either.

The Compromise:

Here’s what I know… I know he likes Philly cheese-steaks. I know they come with peppers and cheese and roast beef. And… That’s about it. Having green peppers, provolone, and roast beef sliced deli meat, I thought it would be easy to surprise him with a Philly cheese-steak not from Philly Connection. Unfortunately we didn’t have any hoagie style buns, so I improvised. Call my Gwyneth because I made pepper pots!

The stuff:$RMCYFQX

– two green peppers

– provolone slices

– roast beef

– garlic

– olive oil

The Process:

– First I hollowed out the peppers, seeds and all. (I chucked the insides, but for those who don’t mind extra veggies, I would keep these and sautee them later on in the recipe.)

– Then I chopped up a garlic clove (a small-ish one) and let it sizzle into a pan with just a tablespoon or so of olive oil. As that gets to brownin’ I ripped up the roast beef into strips. (Probably not necessary but I thought it looked more authentic.) Once the garlic is nice and brown I added in the roast beef strips and let them get a few little crispy edges. Mmmmm.

– While all that is crisping up and sizzling in the pan, I lined the inside of the hollowed out peppers with provolone slices. They should sit perfectly inside. Then I added the sauteed roast beef (along with the garlic and oil) into the peppers. I topped each one with one more slice of provolone and popped in the oven for about 20-25 min. (Just check on them every now and then and make sure the top is nice and crispy and brown!

The Results:

We loved them! I ate mine with a fork and knife was really feeling the crunch of the fresh pepper with the melty, gooey cheese and meat. Bear, however, just ate the inside out and didn’t touch the peppers. They were just little vessels, holding the meal. The quest to get the man to eat and love veggies continues…. Stay tuned.



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