The FIRST Supper

The Facts:

– Bear likes Mexican, but isn’t a big fan of rogue veggies floating in his stews.

– I like hearty soups in the fall… and lots of garnishes and condiments. (Evidence below.)

– I don’t like following really strict recipes. (Be warned. There will be a lot of “1 cup-ish” type measurements here.)


The Great Compromise: Enchilada Soup

Enchilada Soup

The Stuff:

– small can red enchilada sauce

– small can green enchilada sauce

– chicken broth

– tortilla strips (read: I just broke chips into pieces)

– jalapenos ( I just used pickled ones… No time for removing seeds and dealing with that kind of craziness.)

– salsa

– tomatoes

– chicken (I’m a big fan of picking up a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from Publix or Kroger… Cooking with Constraints? Here’s a great tip. Kroger discounts said birds BIG TIME after 7pm which is awesome because it will save you time and money. And that means more money for shoes later.)

– Cumin (to taste… I’ve always wanted to say that!)


The Process:

– Carve and shred your rotisserie chicken and let simmer in the chicken broth. While its simmering, add in your cumin and any other spices you might like. Like things more fiery? Now would be the time to add the jalapenos… Or poblano peppers for an even richer more complex flavor.) Add in the broken up tortilla chips and let simmer together until soft.

– Once the tortilla chips are softened (not long) add in your two cans of enchilada sauce. Let simmer. (Again, spice fiends, here’s is another great time to add in some more kick. Sriracha sauce is a great addition, but don’t go crazy. It doesn’t need much at all.)

– While it’s simmering and blending all the yummy flavors together, chop up some tomatoes, make your serving bowls of cheese, sour cream, salsa, jalapenos, and guacamole if the mood strikes. Once you’re done set up a “prep line” and dig in, hombres.

The Results: He was thrilled. Like proclaim-my-amazing-cooking-prowess-on-facebook-for-all-to-see thrilled. It was absolutely delicious. and lighter than a chili (no beans or red meat) but still satisfied my Autumn soup craving. I was happy and he was happy… And that my friends, is a killer first meal in our new house.


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